Direction: Left

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Best wind: South West

Best swell size: 3 - 8 ft

Best swell direction: North East

Best tide:   Hide tide.  

Best for:  When it's working well (big swell/off-shore) Tuason is best suited to advanced surfers looking for big, fast, scary lefts.  However during average conditions Tuason has 3 peaks each growing in size and skill level.  Advanced-beginners to experts can find their place in the line-up and practice going left.

Crowd factor: Usually not crowded! A lot of the tourists don't hear about Tuason so this wave still remains uncrowded. Most of the surfers will be local Filipinos or foreigners living in Siargao.  

How to get there:  Tuason is located in the main tourist area of G.L / Cloud 9 and is located just off the beach so no boats required!   From the cement road driving to Cloud 9, Tuason is located just after Harana Resort on the right side of the road (beach side).  Just after Harana, look for a small path on the right leading down to the beach.  Voila! 

Kind of wave: Tuason can be heavy, barrelling perfection or 1ft messy slop depending on the conditions.  When people talk about Tuason, they say it's as heavy or heavier than Cloud 9.  In fact these two waves are just around a point from each other and mirror each other in a lot of respects.  What Cloud 9 is to rights, Tuason is to lefts.  Great news for the goofy-footed surfer looking to score some heavy surf!  However, let's remember that we are talking about 'ideal' conditions and ideal conditions are not usual conditions... Under normal conditions, Tuason can be waist to a little over head high with three peaks of varying size and difficulty.  This is just my opinion, but Tuason is rarely clean, it's usually it's a bit messy with a whole lot of close-out waves.  This is because of Tuason's location on the beach with nothing to protect it from the winds.  So unless you have straight off-shore or zero winds, it's gonna be a bit bessy.  Another key point to Tuason is that it breaks extremely fast over very shallow water.  This means you need to be prepared for steep and fast drops... a quick pop-up is essential.  So consider this point before you decide if Tuason is the right place for you to surf.  Even at high-tide, the water at Tuason is only about chest - head deep , quickly dropping after high-tide.  By mid-tide, it's already much too shallow to even consider surfing.  For all these factors, Tuason is not my favorite wave.  The average Tuason wave (IMO) is steep and fast breaking over very shallow water and closing out way too fast to really enjoy it.  But of course, there are those perfect days with ideal conditions that's given Tuason it's reputation for picture-perfect, massive barrels.  Cloud 9's mirror image.

Surf season: As with all the waves, the peak season is late August through November.  The size varies greatly depending on the incoming swell size but the prevailing winds are off-shore so it'll be surfable no matter the wave height.  During the winter, the winds blow on-shore making Tuason impossible to surf 99% of the time.  Then again in late April/May the winds change to off-shore and Tuason is surfable once more.  In the summer months of June through the end of August Siargao is usually flat.  However, a swell will come through once in awhile and we'll get a few good days of Tuason surf before it goes flat again.