About fat lips

Fat Lips is a small, family operated surf shop & rental store in Siargao island, Philippines.  Since opening in 2015, Fat Lips has become the go-to shop for all your surf & beach gear and the most trusted place for all your rental needs.  We've done this by slowly building from the ground up, searching the Philippines and the world for the best products at the best prices, and always putting the customers needs first.  We offer hassle-free board, bike, and snorkel/mask rentals at reasonable prices.  Also, we can help book island hopping tours and surf photography shoots in the store.

No gimmicks, no cheesy sales tactics, and no ripping-off tourists.  Just an honest to goodness surf shop with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  Whether you need to buy sunscreen, rent a surfboard, book an island hopping trip, or just need some local advice, Fat Lips is here for you.  Our philosophy is simple; give customers high-quality products at reasonable prices all backed up with amazing customer service... it's a wonder why so many other stores just can't understand this!  Fat Lips surf shop, driven by our passion to help you make the most of your holiday, because at one point we were tourists here too. 

We look forward to seeing you in the shop,

Fat lips Team

Team Rider


John Mark Tokong

Better know as Marama is the kid from the neighborhood that everyone watched grow up.  We've known him for years and have seen him grow from a curious little boy into the surf-freak he is today.  He's the hope for the island and a fine example of all the beauty and kindness the local people have to offer.  Our decision to sponsor Marama was based not only on his amazing surf skills but more importantly on his honest, hard-working, and upbeat personality.


Recently, Marama has co-founded a line of surf-inspired clothing and accessories with Kermit's Surf Resort owner Gianni Gifroni called Gwapitos.  Besides sponsoring Marama with cash and products, a portion of any Gwapitos sales go to Marama's travel account to help him compete in WSL qualifying series competitions all across the Asia-Pacific region.   When he's not free-surfing in Cloud 9, you'll find Marama teaching surf to the guests of Kermit's Resort or just hanging out in their restaurant or bar chatting with the guests.