Direction: left

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Best wind: North West

Best swell size: 2 - 10 ft.

Best swell direction: North East

Best tide: Around low tide is the best. Either mid going low or low going mid seem to work fine for me.  

Best for: People who can use a shortboard reasonably well and like left-handed waves.

Crowd factor: medium - high.  Gets very crowded at times, one of the most popular spots, however sometimes you get lucky and it's empty. To avoid the crowds go at high-tide; it doesn't work as well and the waves aren't as big but it's usually empty.  

How to get there: You can find boats for hire either in the village of Cloud 9 or at the boat launch at the end of the paved road past Cloud 9. It takes about 15 minutes each way and the driver will wait for you (or surf with you) and take you back for 200 pesos per person (min 2 pax).  Stimpy's and neighboring Rock Island are just a couple minutes by boat from each other so you can check both out before deciding which one to surf.

Kind of wave: Usually this wave is surfed around head-high, however it can get much, much bigger if there's a good swell. Catching the wave is fairly easy and the take off is about medium-speed. Not so fast, not so slow. Whether it's perfectly off-shore, cross, or even a mild on-shore you can get long, left-handed rides through three or even four sections. As with any wave, when it's more on-shore it gets a bit choppy and sloppy but it's still rideable unless strongly on-shore.. When it's big and off-shore there are plenty of barrels and big waves to drop-in on but when it's cross or on-shore you're just trying to pick up waves that wont close-out and give you a longer ride. The water is deep enough and the wipe-outs are usually quite mellow (except when it's huge) but there are some big waves coming through so try not to get caught inside too often. There's a big rock down in the bottom and towards the inside (you can see it at low-tide) to watch out for. Overall Stimpy's is great fun for people who can throw around a short board. When it's chest - head high it's pretty mellow and a great wave to relax and have fun on and when it's overhead or more it's a good wave to challenge yourself and grow as a surfer.

Surf season: All-year except summer months.

Stimpy's works well through most seasons. In the peak-season of Sep, Oct, and Nov it's often off-shore and pumping with waves from head-high to double-overhead (sometimes triple!!). However, Stimpy's is surfed a lot during the winter months because there can be good swell but the winds are onshore at this time. Stimpy's is a bit protected from North or North-East winds so is one of the few spots that can be surfed in the winter and therefore also gets crowded at these times. In the summer months from late May to late August it's usually flat but swells do pop up once in awhile.