Direction: Left 

Level: Advanced. 

Best wind: South West

Best swell size: 2 - 10 ft

Best swell direction: North - North East

Best tide:  mid - high 

Best for: Advanced surfers searching for double-overhead left-handed barrels... If you not sure you can handle big and crazy waves then don't paddle out.

Crowd factor: Low. Pacifico is situated in the North of Siargao island away from the main tourist areas of G.L and Cloud 9.  That fact, combined with Pacifico being only for expert surfers, makes this spot virtually empty all the time.  At most there might be 3 or 4 other guys surfing with you.

How to get there: Pacifico is about an hours drive from G.L / Cloud 9.  You can find the town of Pacifico on any Siargao map or ask the hotel staff for directions. Once you have arrived just paddle out from the beach.  Be careful though, there is a strong current in front of the beach pulling you right as you paddle out.  So start further up the beach in front of where the waves are breaking and by the time you reach the line-up with will have drifted much further down to where the channel is.

Kind of wave: Pacifico may be the biggest and best wave in Siargao.  Although Cloud 9 gets more attention, Pacifico can actually be bigger than Cloud 9 and is a much, much longer ride.  However, Pacifico is a left whereas Cloud 9 is a right (which most people prefer).     

Classic Pacifico is a double to triple (or more) overhead left-handed wave with barrels you could drive a Volkswagon through.  It is big, strong, powerful... everything you expect from a world-class wave.  However, in smaller swells Pacifico can be a head-high fun wave with a long, long shoulder to ride without too much danger.  The wave appears smaller from the beach than it actually is so make sure you know what you're getting into before you paddle out.  The last time I went there it looked about single to double overhead from the beach but ater reaching the line-up we found it to be triple overhead or more and almost died just trying to get outta there!

Surf season: Pacifico is usually surfed during the peak season of Sept, Oct, Nov when the offshore winds allow you to get in, surf, and get out without too much danger.  In the summer months of June, July, and into August Pacifico will be flat (like everywhere on the island) except during the odd swell.  The rest of the year (Dec - May) Pacifico can be surfed when the winds are light enough but usually the wind is onshore making it impossible to surf.