Jacking Horse 


Direction: Right

Level: Beginner 

Best wind: South West

Best swell size: 2 - 6 ft

Best swell direction: East - North East

Best tide: Around high tide. Mid tide going high or high going mid are fine. 

Best for: People who have come to Siargao to learn how to surf and want quick and easy access to the waves.

Crowd factor: Medium - High.   Jacking Horse is conveniently located on the beach right in front of the village to Cloud 9 and is a great spot for beginners so it does get quite crowded at times.

How to get there: Jacking Horse is conveniently located right in the village of Cloud 9.  The wave can be accessed by parking your bike (or walking) in the parking lot of Cloud 9 and taking the small path to the left towards the beach and walk along until you see the surfers and instructors in the water, that's Jacking Horse.  The wave can also be accessed by going through Ocean 101 Resort and the wave is right in front of the resort.

Kind of wave: Jacking Horse is a great beginner wave.  Not nearly so big as Quiksilver or Cloud 9 yet located in the same area.  The take-off is quite mellow and soft but Jacking Horse can deliver long, good quality right-handed waves.  Beware; there is a strong current running sideways across the break.   This means it can be extremely hard to paddle back out to the line-up once you've ridden a wave.  Some people will even ride the wave, then jump out on the beach, walk along the beack, and then paddle back out to the break.  However, most people surfing Jacking Horse will have an instructor who can tow them or pull them back to the line-up.  But if you're alone, ya, the current is awful! 

Surf season: All-year except summer months.

Because Jacking Horse is a beginner spot it is surfed year round no matter the wind or conditions.  From September to May, Jacking Horse can be surfed but it's working best in the peak season of Sept - Nov.  During the summer months of June, July, August Jacking Horse is too small to surf so most instructors will take their students to Quiksilver or Cloud 9.  Throughout the winter Jacking Horse will have on-shore winds but unless the wind is really strong it is still possible to surf... because really, if you're a beginner you're still trying to just catch waves and stand up so the quality of the wave isn't that important.