Daku Island


Direction: right

Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Best wind: South

Best swell size: 3 - 8 ft

Best swell direction: North East

Best tide: Around high tide. Mid tide going high or high going mid are fine. 

Best for: People who have a little experience on a surfboard and can paddle and catch a wave by themselves to surfers who are just getting familiar with a short board.  Also fine for complete beginners if accompanied by an instructor/guide.

Crowd factor: medium - high.  Gets very crowded at times, one of the most popular spots especially when the conditions are good. Due to this being a beautiful spot to teach lessons and the soft, easy nature of the wave, Daku is a favorite wave for many resorts to take their guests. 

How to get there: You can find boats for hire by the market / boardwalk in General Luna. It takes about 15 minutes each way and the driver will wait for you (or surf with you) and take you back for 200 pesos per person (min 2 pax).

Kind of wave: Daku is best surfed at about shoulder high and with light, offshore (west) winds. When these conditions line-up Daku is one of the best waves in the world to surf. Slow, soft take-off onto a decent sized right-hand wave that goes on forever in the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen. These conditions are most often seen in the peak season of late Aug to November.

Surf season: All-year except summer months.

Daku can be surfed any time of the year that the winds are light or off-shore and there's a decent sized swell. It doesn't work too well through the winter (choppy because of on-shore or cross-shore winds) and it's usually flat in the summer months. Ideal conditions are most often seen in the peak season of late Aug to November, this is when Daku is surfed most often as the prevailing winds are off-shore and we see a lot of good swell.