Direction: Right.  

Level: Intermediate

Best wind: North West

Best swell size: 3 - 8ft

Best swell direction: East - North East

Best tide: Mid tide.  Try to be there about an hour or two before mid tide to an hour or two after mid tide.

Best for: Intermediate surfers looking for decent sized waves without the crowds.

Crowd factor: Usually low.  Because it's a little further away than most spots Pilar remains largely uncrowded

How to get there: There are two ways to get to Pilar, but both end up taking about the same time.  You can either drive a motorbike all the way there or drive a shortcut then take a 10 minute boat ride.

Option 1 (drive):  Head out of General Luna on the highway towards Dapa/airport and make a right turn at the small sign for Pilar.  The turn is about 10km or so outside of Dapa and there is also a large game fishing billboard at the corner.  From there, continue along the road for about 17km until you find the town of Pilar.  Find the boardwalk (next to the sea) and jump in from there and paddle out to the wave.  Be careful, when returning it can be hard to time the jump onto the steps and it's easy to ding your board!  Some people don't like going this way to Pilar just because it's a bit tricky to get in and out of the water.

Option 2 (drive + boat):  Follow the directions to Salvacion (you can find it here under Salvacion surf spot).  From the boat pier in Salvacion tell the driver you want to surf Pilar and the driver will take you there.  The cost is 150 per person for the boat.

Kind of wave: To be honest, I haven't sured Pilar very much but in the couple times I've been there I've seen big, fat, fun left handed waves that go on for miles... and I've also seen small, hollow waves that run or close-out very fast.  Even though it was much smaller the second time it was also much tricker as you needed to pop-up very fast and start moving along the wave before it closed.  Because Pilar is at the end of a bay it really needs a bigger swell to pick up decent sized waves.  Therefore, there's no much point going there unless the waves are getting too big back in General Luna / Cloud 9.  That means you wanna see about 2m or more on the forecast in order to get shoulder - head high waves at Pilar.   But when it does work... when the winds are blowing down from the North West and there's a big swell Pilar can be as sweet a left-handed wave as anywhere else!  In fact, of the couple sessions I've had there the first was one of my best surfs in memory.  Something different to try if you're a goofy and looking for uncrowded, fun waves when it's getting really big everywhere else.

Surf season: All-year except summer months.

Salvacion can be surfed year-round whenever there's a big swell in town and the winds are coming from the North or North West.  Of course Pilar is usually working during the peak season of Sept, Oct, Nov but it also works from time to time throughout the winter when the winds blow down.  During the summer months it's flat, as with everywhere else.