Surf Lessons




1 surf session (max 2h in water) 

Theory, basics, surf lesson

surfboard and all equipment for the surf lesson

transportation(within Cloud 9 area)


The session will start with a theory class in which you’ll learn the surf basics and have a chance to practice before heading to the water.  Then you’ll be taken to the best surf spot for your level and be taught in the water by one of our SISA qualified instructors for a max of 2 hours.  Finally, you’ll head back to Kermit’s Resort for a debriefing where the instructor will give you feedback and advice for improving based on your performance in the water. 



*optional Surf Analysis

Having a professional surf videographer record your surf session to be reviewed with the instructor is one of the best ways to quickly improve your surfing.  See exactly what you were doing right and wrong and get tips on how to improve next time. You’ll also get to keep the videos for yourself, they make a great souvenir!   1000php extra charge.


**not included:  Sometimes the best place to surf must be accessed with a boat.  In this case the guest will pay his/her own boat fee which is 150 or 200php for the return trip.  Similarly, if there is a long motorbike ride the guest will be asked a small fee for purchasing additional gasoline.


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