Mama's Grill, a locally owned and operated BBQ restaurant


For our first installment of Fat Lips Recommends we’ve gone with the obvious and chosen Mama’s Grill, a locally owned and family operated restaurant thriving in General Luna.

     In fact, no trip to Siargao is complete without eating at Mama’s.  It’s honestly so nice to see a local restaurant doing so well among all the foreign owned resorts and restaurants.  What started as a small BBQ hut with a few tables is now in it’s third expansion and has seating for around a hundred people.  This is Siargao’s local food at its finest . Pork chops, chicken legs or breasts, local sausages, veggie sticks, tuna fillets, and more are grilled with either sweet or spicy sauce and eaten over a plate of rice, washed down with ice cold Sam Miguel beers. Perfect to satisfy a hungry surfer on a budget. This restaurant is absolutely packed every night of the week so show up early or be prepared for a long wait. Must try items include the pork chops, whole lapu lapu fish, or tuna steaks.

*Bonus points for having an on-site convenience store for grabbing whatever items you need before heading back to your hotel.