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+ What is Fat Camp?

Fat Lips Surf & Activity Camp is a homestay/hotel type accommodation in Siargao, Philippines that offers daily surf trips, surf lessons, surfboard & motorbike rentals, and activities such as; yoga, surf-specific gym training, or boxing.

In addition we take weekly trips to places like the Siargao Wakepark and island hopping. Fat Camp is an all-in-one hotel for people that wanna take the guesswork out of their holiday and have a wide array of surfing and physical activities available to them. Fat Camp is a project of Fat Lips Surf Co and as such is dedicated to offering high quality products & services at reasonable prices with a great customer service experience. At its core, Fat Camp is an 8 room homestay & surf camp located in the surfing capital of the Philippines that also offers a wide variety of activities that guests may join if they want. There's no pressure to join any of the activities though, just book any room or dorm bed for your desired length of stay, then pay as you go for whatever activities you choose to take part in. At Fat Camp you'll instantly feel at home, surf the best spots, have a hassle free vacation, and make life-long friends and memories.

+ What is the physical location/site/hotel of Fat Camp like?

Fat Camp is a brand new development from Fat Lips Surf Co., owner of Fat Lips Surfshop in Siargao island. Fat Camp covers 500Sqm of land with two buildings consisting of 6 private rooms w/ ensuite bathroom, one family room with 2x Queen beds, and one dormitory style room with 4 bunkbeds for a total of 8 beds.

All rooms have air conditioning. All rooms have good mattresses. There's hot water in the showers and decent water pressure. There's WiFi. The buildings are decorarted in a surf theme so you know exactly where you are the moment you arrive. There is a manager on-site who can take care of any of your needs. We also have an activity coordinator who will guide you to the daily activities and provide a calendar of the week's activities upon arrival.

+ When will Fat Camp open?

Fat Camp is currently slated to open in the winter of 2019/2020. Construction is almost complete and we need to make sure everything is running 100% before we open to guests and put our reputation on the line!

+ Where is it located?

Fat Camps sits in the heart of Catagnan village about a kilometer from the famous Cloud 9 surfing area and close to many of Siargao's other surf spots such as Rock Island, Stimpy's, and Quiksilver. Catagnan was a sleepy village until just a few years ago when the foreign tourists started to come to surf the mythical wave they named Cloud 9. Since then tourism has increased exponentially in Siargao but Catagnan village still retains that small village charm; the people are friendly & welcoming, the roads are quiet after dark, and the concept of 'island time' is in full effect. While the town of General Luna just a few minutes away is full of bars, restraurants, people, and noise, Catagnan remains the sleepy village next to Cloud 9 that it's always been. The villagers appreciate people that bring a respectful and restrained attitude when out in public. Find the village on Google maps and explore the area on foot once you arrive.

+ What's Siargao all about?

Over the last few years Siargao's popularity has boomed. While once only foreign surfers came to find the legendary Cloud 9, nowadays people come from all walks of life to enjoy this idyllic island in the Philippines. Singles, families, surfers, beach bums, Filipinos, and foreigners all mingle and find their own way to chill in Siargao. However, Siargao isn't overcrowded yet. Tourism has only boomed for about the last four years so there's still plenty of time to see Siargao as it was, or what people call 'Bali 20 years ago'.

Luckily, due to the tourism boom, there has also been a boom in restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and activities in Siargao. In fact, many of the Philippines best restaurants can be found right here in Siargao ranging from local Filipino fare to Asian, European, and American-style cusine. There are now plenty of vegetarian and vegan options around Siargao. You can find food from all over the world, fine beer & alcohol, surf shops and souvenir shops, all along Tourism road that connects the towns of Cloud 9 (Catagnan) and General Luna. There are small supermarkets, pharmacies, and all essentials such as sunscreens, deodorants, women's products, etc... available.

Siargao has become a very environmentally aware destination as we can all directly see the impact of pollution and poor environmental practices. For this reason, Siargao has a ban on single-use plastics and we encourage you to pick up after yourself, try to create less garbage, and leave Siargao in the same condition you found it... or better if you find & join a beach clean up!

+ Tell me more about surfing in Siargao

Siargao, known as the surf capital of the Philippines, is the country's premier surf destination with waves throughout most of the year. Each year the Siargao National Surf Competition kicks off the high season in the end of September followed by the WSL QS3000 International event in the first week of October. October and November are the peak months when large waves and offshore winds are expected. This is the season that throngs of fans descend on Cloud 9 to try and get one of it's famously perfect top to bottom barrels. This is also the most crowded time of the year in Siargao. From around December to about April the big waves are still here but the wind picks up and turns onshore. However, we know plenty of protected spots where the surf can still be great everyday. In fact, this is probably my favorite time of year as there are guaranteed overhead sized waves everyday for months. Just don't expect to get barreled at this time of year with winds being neutral or onshore.

After the winter, the winds will lighten off and April/May can be another good season to surf although slighlty smaller than Oct/Nov. This is considered our 2nd, smaller season. With June comes the low season and the waves are best only for beginners from June until the end to September. If you are a total beginner and wanting to learn to surf then this would be the best time to come. For intermediate – advanced surfers this is probably the time of year you want to avoid. Overall, Siargao has over a dozen different surf breaks and from beginner to expert you can find the right kind of waves for your level in Siargao.

+ Who is Fat Camp for?

Fat Camp is for those looking to have the tropical island holiday of their lives in Siargao and feel great about themselves when the time comes to go home. Fat Camp is for those looking to improve their surfing, stay physically active, and try a range of different sports & activities on Siargao. It'll be a great place to meet friends so come alone or in a group. From beginner surfer to expert we got what you need. Whether you're in great shape now or have a few pounds you want to lose, you'll find enough exercise to keep you pumped all day at Fat Camp. If you're looking for a vacation where you stay active and feel healthier leaving that when you arrived, Fat Camp is for you. If you wanna explore the Siargao surf scene that you've heard so much about but don't know where to start, Fat Camp is for you. Singles, couples, families, and groups of friends will all feel at home and discover the real Siargao at Fat Camp.

To be clear: We are NOT a 'real' weight loss camp or children's summer camp and unfortunately we don't allow unaccompanied minors to book stays with us.

+ I've never surfed or am a beginner surfer, can I stay at Fat Camp?

Yes of course, everyone is welcome to stay at Fat Camp! If you're a beginner or have never surfed let us know at the time of booking and we'll arrange surf lessons for you. You'll have your own instructor and board for as many days as you need. This is absolutely the best way to learn to surf or improve your surfing the fastest. A beginner without an instructor won't have any fun in the waves and could be dangerous to the people around him/her. At Fat Camp we offer great surf lessons from some of Siargao's best instructors. Contact us for prices or to book. Don't be nervous, a lot of people who come to Fat Camp are surfing for the very first time.

All instructors are certificed members of SISA in good standing. (Siargao Island Surfers Association).

+ How long should I stay?

Although this completely depends on your unique set of circumstances we suggest a stay of 7 days would be optimal. This way you'll be sure to enjoy the island hopping and Wakepark as well as the surfing and other activities on offer. If you'd like to stay more than 7 days of course that's encouraged too.

+ What about nightlife?

While Fat Camp observes quiet hours after 11pm there are plenty of nightlife options in the Cloud 9 and General Luna areas. Bars, clubs, parties, restaurants and food stalls, whatever you're looking for, you can find in Siargao. What started as a quiet surfing island has developed into one of the Philippine's premier party destinations. Just try to be respectful when you're sneaking back in.

+ So how does it work?

For now, Fat Camp is being booked simply as rooms. You book your room and then take part in whatever activities you choose. Surf boards and motorbikes can be pre-booked or rented on-site. Activities will be charged accordingly and you can 'pay as you go' for whatever classes or activities you take part in. However, there's no pressure to take part in any of the activites we offer, it's up to you, we just offer some of the things that we love doing in Siargao so that everyone can have a try. Fat Camp will be open in the winter of 2019/2020 and thereafter rooms can be booked directly on the website, we encourage booking well in advance to avoid disappointment. For an queries please send us an email to

+ What are some of the sports available at Fat Camp?

Surfing: Each day we offer a guided surf trip to the spot we think will be working best. This is for intermediate to advanced surfers only. Beginner surfers can opt to take surf classes with a guide and will go to the spot that the instructor thinks is best.

Surf-specific gym training: This 'HIIT' type class is designed specifically with the surfer in mind. Each exercise is specifically focused on improving your surf physique. Learn moves and exercises that you can repeat at home to stay surf-ready even if you're miles from the ocean.

Boxing: Although this doesn't have much to do with surfing we still love it! It is a great way to improve stamina and get in better shape. Also it's just a really fun exercise and right from the first class you'll be taught how to jab, straight, hook, and uppercut like a pro. Super friendly activity for both sexes!

Yoga: It's long be known that yoga is great for surfing as it can loosen you up, increase your flexibility, relieve tension, and help you achieve nirvana. So let's try it! Disclaimer: Nirvana not guaranteed.

Paddleboarding: At Fat Camp we have 2x cruising SUPs (stand up paddleboard) that can be borrowed anytime that they're available and have been properly checked-out. Explore the mangroves or head out in the Ocean, it's all within a short distance. Just try not to get lost... at dark... that sucks.

+ Do you have surfboards and motorbikes available to rent at Fat Camp?

Are they in good working order and like-new condition? YES. Really? YES

+ How do I get to Fat Camp?

Book your ticket to Siargao from any international location. Fly through either Manila or Cebu and then to Siargao. For domestic (Filipino) flights check the Cebu Pacific Air or Philippines Airlines websites. For international tickets use whichever website you're familiar with such as Once you arrive in Siargao we can arrange an airport pick-up for you, you can take an airport van to Catagnan village, or you can find your way to Fat Camp yourself by hiring a motorbike or getting in a motor tricycle taxi (called habble habble). Ask us about the airport transfers when booking.

+ What about money?

For now Fat Camp is simply a place to book your rooms. Other activities that are offered are all pay-as-you-go. Boards & bikes can be rented at Fat Lips and it's better if you reserve them at the time of booking to make sure everything is lined up. You'll also need money for all your food, drinks, parties, activities, and other daily expenses. There are several ATMs in the area now and most of them accept most foreign cards. However, these machines often run out of money and we recommend bringing as much cash as you think you'll need. You can also exchange USD and Euros in Siargao as well as a few other major currencies. Think of the bills you will incur carefully and then bring enough money to cover it. Remember, people have a tendancy to spend more than they think they will on holiday. Of course there are other ways to get money; credit cards and Paypal and whatnot, but we still recommend you bring enough cash with you to Siargao to avoid hassles. Money can be exchanged in Cebu/Manila or withdrawn from ATM/debit machines. Fat Camp also accepts Paypal as a method for paying for rooms and surfboard or motorbike rentals.

+ What about the summertime when the waves are very small in Siargao?

Don't worry, we're taking this into consideration and will act accordingly! The summertime is still great for beginners to learn as the waves are small and unintimidating. In fact, summer is probably the best time for absolute beginners and beginners to come. For those who don't find surfing knee to waist high waves appealing we will double down on our other activites and have more fun things to do like boxing, hiking, yoga, bicycling, wakeboading, SUPing, etc...

+ Where can I get more information about Siargao?

Please visit the Siargao FAQs on our website at

+ Where can I get more information about surfing in Siargao?

Please visit our surf spot guide at